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7533[ksurf] Re: Loops

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  • Michael Kassal
    Dec 1, 1999
      Greg.....all this is going on in Maui right now.  Thats why I am getting my butt back there a.s.a.p.
      The videos avail right now do not show anything yet.  No videos avail right now to the public... that really show the potential.  Best video so far is the airush video...maybe airush will make is avail to public sometime....but right now nothing else compares.
      For example.....
      ***and nose first reverse landings***  thats already a Flash trademark move....he does them all day. He rides a rrdi board ....sold in the US by some windsurf company called winddance I believe... that has a square nose.  2-Strap Board with them placed right down the center line.  He can ride either way quite fast.  He can slide the board around a 180 while riding at low speeds.  The board is narrow so he can really lay down and carve.....sort of like snowboarders using carving boots.  I would like to get my hands on one.
      ***and toe-side back flips... gybes.***  thats a Wainman move.  He does them often.  Looks cool.  Also looks hard to do.
      But I agree.....when or if anyone ever figures out how...using the kite for additional arial tricks once in the air.....it could will be a whole new ballgame.
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