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7529[ksurf] Re: Loops

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  • greg.walsh@dhs.vic.gov.au
    Dec 1, 1999
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      I don't mean to denigrate the skills of the people pushing the envelope
      of what can be done on a kiteboard. I applaud them all and I would be
      happy to just planing along on the same bit of water as them, let alone
      attempting spins and loops.

      But I do think we haven't begun to explore the potential of what can be
      done on a kiteboard. Most sports seem to take 10-15 years of popular
      development before people start thinking outside the square of what
      went before. I can't wait to see maneuvers that are pure kitesurf. I
      suspect people will learn to be comforable with what we currently
      consider to be out of control and then they'll go nuts. I'm hoping
      someone will come back with tales of their outside orbits and pendulum
      spirals and nose first reverse landings and toe-side back flip gybes.
      Perhaps Des Walsh will think that if I do my spin and tug the bar just
      so I can do the spinny thing just in the power zone in complete control.

      BTW Nice video. I hope someone produces a foil version soon.

      "ken winner" <k-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/kitesurf/?start=7528
      > From: <Greg.Walsh@...>
      > > In the meantime, how about tricks where the pilot does a
      > rotation (either
      > > a spin or a flip) and flies the kite through the same
      > rotation. Tight
      > > lines, no twists and powered up the whole way through.
      > Greg,
      > You have high standards. Last July I saw Dez Walsh
      > (instructor for Naish Hawaii in Kailua) do a flip with the
      > sort of kite rotation you describe. Total accident, though.
      > He was riding a Naish AR3.5 in four-line mode. I think it
      > turned more quickly than he was expecting.
      > KW
      > www.kenwinner.com
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