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7506[ksurf] Re: How Much is involced ??

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  • Steven Nenzel
    Dec 1, 1999
      ANCHORAGE ALASKA! Buddy, you forgot to add thermal under wear, three
      sweaters, a parka, snow boots, 3 pairs of socks and a pint of rum to keep
      the blood thin to your list of gear required.

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      Now, of course, you still need a bunch of other stuff...harness, wet suit,
      PFD, boots, and many other little things that vary for person to person...

      I don't see how this sport and all the possible variations (snow, ice, sand,
      etc) could get boring, I only wish I could afford to follow the eternal

      Now, as I sit in my hotel in Anchorage, Alaska (18 degrees F) listening to
      the 15 knt wind outside my window, I am pining for a snowboard...I'll let
      know what happens...


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