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7505[ksurf] Re: How Much is involced ??

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  • SeanCMurph@aol.com
    Dec 1, 1999
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      I agree with neptune in almost all that was said...

      I do, however, believe that any money saved by not having a set of lines and
      handles for each kite (i am speaking now only about foils -2 0r 4 line - i
      don't know from inflatables) will be offset by the hassles encountered at
      water's edge as conditions change.

      I have a set of lines attached to each of my 4-quad line power kites. Land
      the kite, hold the handles, and wind the line right up to the kite. Wrap the
      kite around the handles, put it in a bag...done...
      To launch, lay out the kite, unwind the lines, check for twists - few if you
      did it right - launch the kite...done...

      Changing lines is a pain in the a#%. There are times to change lines,
      shorter lines for tighter spaces and differing conditions. Todd Synder, oft
      most eloquently represented here on the egroup, prefers longer lines for
      jumping. So you'll end up changing lines enough without trying to save a few
      pennies by not having lines available for each kite.

      As for number of kites needed, plan on at least two to start -- base the size
      on the prevailing conditions where you intend to surf. Buy a third as soon
      as you need it. And as you improve fill in the gaps. I bought big kites
      first, because they cost more...$2500usd got me two kites and a custom
      directional board...wife said ok...now additional kites cost in the 'few
      hundreds' as opposed to the 'almost a thousands' range. Much easier to pass
      on the family budget...

      Now, of course, you still need a bunch of other stuff...harness, wet suit,
      PFD, boots, and many other little things that vary for person to person...

      I don't see how this sport and all the possible variations (snow, ice, sand,
      etc) could get boring, I only wish I could afford to follow the eternal

      Now, as I sit in my hotel in Anchorage, Alaska (18 degrees F) listening to
      the 15 knt wind outside my window, I am pining for a snowboard...I'll let you
      know what happens...

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