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7501[ksurf] Re: How Much is involced ??

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  • Lachlan Beed
    Dec 1 5:35 AM
      Hi everyone

      I agree with Ian That kite flying ability will be the the thing that
      really counts.I am sailing upwind with virtual logs . I tried a board
      today that is a specifically designed kiteboard with fins a long way up
      the board which worked well and gave good grip but I must say that an
      old pintail that I picked up from the tip for free was not much worse.
      One thing that we do here and that I would suggest to any one is that
      if you cant afford a quiver of kites is to select one that will suit
      your weight for your prevailing conditions .I f the wind is too light
      for ksurfing grab a skateboard and head down to your local netball
      courts or deserted 6 lane free way for some great practice .As with
      flying any aircraft fly as often as you can.
      If you live in an area that has snow keep going thru winter with skis
      or snowboards .Its awesome and you"ll save on lift tickets(Stay away
      from resort
      lease areas its tempting to give em a show but they'll probably tell
      you to bugger off to somewhere else).

      All the best

      Lach (The Lach Dude)

      ian young <ianyoun-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/kitesurf/?start=7496
      > > And how many boards is one person using ??
      > I sometimes use a 1.75m board for high winds/ freestyle but mainly
      use my 2.1m
      > even in high winds and freestyle - the short board is no good in
      light winds.
      > I'm 82kg. I think your kite flying ability has much more impact than
      the type
      > of board or kite.
      > > What is the life expectancy os the kite and the board
      > I still have gear that is more than two years old (kites and boards),
      despite a
      > few repairs still goes good and I still use it.
      > > or is the whole deal a hot potato with no good aftertaste and you
      > > bored after a few months ??
      > After two years I still get an adrenalin rush every time I go out! I
      can't see
      > how anyone could possible get bored with kite surfing!!!!!
      > Cheers,
      > Ian Young
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