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7496[ksurf] Re: How Much is involced ??

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  • Ian Young
    Nov 30, 1999
      > And how many boards is one person using ??

      I sometimes use a 1.75m board for high winds/ freestyle but mainly use my 2.1m
      even in high winds and freestyle - the short board is no good in light winds.
      I'm 82kg. I think your kite flying ability has much more impact than the type
      of board or kite.

      > What is the life expectancy os the kite and the board

      I still have gear that is more than two years old (kites and boards), despite a
      few repairs still goes good and I still use it.

      > or is the whole deal a hot potato with no good aftertaste and you are
      > bored after a few months ??

      After two years I still get an adrenalin rush every time I go out! I can't see
      how anyone could possible get bored with kite surfing!!!!!

      Ian Young

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