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70820In europe its getting colder and a Hotspot in Sri Lanka

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  • ruukvillage
    Oct 11, 2013
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      #Hot Spot #Sri Lanka #Kitesurfing # Kalpitiya
      Thought of writing a small blog to provide some handy infos about Sri Lanka from
      a local point of view ( me being a Sri Lankan ). Not only about what this Island
      has to offer when it comes to Kiting but also other thing to do. In such a small
      place you can experience allmost all kinds of vegitation and weather ( except
      snow :-))

      I learned to kite in the so called baby lagoon in Kalpitiya its one of the best
      lagoons in Kalpitiya but unfortunately too small, it can not hold more than few
      kiters, and can become over crowded too soon.

      Being a Sri lankan I should do make a note to say that Sri Lanka is not only
      about kiting.

      Sri Lanka has some much more to offer. The best thing about Sri Lanka is, that
      we now also have the possibility to attract kiters from around the globe.

      Few facts what Sri lanka has to offer, apart from kiting.
      - Sri Lanka has a perfect beaches and reef breaks where you can surf
      - Sri Lanka has so many diving sports around the country.
      - We have beautiful mountain ranges where you will be lost for words
      - We have ancient cities like Dambulla, Sigirya, Anuradhapura & Pollonnaruwa to
      mention few.
      - We have beautiful tea plantations

      I actually can go on and on about the island, but I dont want to bore you guys,
      so lets get back to Kalpitiya :-) But before doing that, do have a look at this
      video it was done by a couple who visited Sri Lanka and it gives you a brief
      idea what Sri Lanka is about.


      So back to Kalpitiya,
      - There is also alot that you can do when you are in Kalpitiya. You can get the
      local boatmen to organize you a fishing trip, and I am sure you will enjoy it.
      - you can go to see the "bar reef" which expnds for few kilometers
      - If you visit kalpitiya between Oct to December you can also go whale watching
      / dolphin watching
      - And even if all kiters from around the globe visit kalpitiya at once, there is
      plenty of space for all of you.
      Atleast for the kiters who are more experienced. Kalpitiya has a beach front of
      about 30Km and this is enough space for few thousand kiters I believe :-))

      Best way of transport from "A" to "B" is per TukTuk.
      About hiring a Tuk Tuk to travel around or hiring a vehicle to travel around is
      a good thing, but officially you need a special paper to drive in Sri lanka,
      this piece of paper can be obtained in Colombo in about one hour. All you need
      is to take is a Valid International Driving Licence from your countries
      authority ( just your driving licence does not help). Two passport fotos and you
      need to fill up a formular in the colombo office and then you get a Sri Lankan
      paper which gives your the official right to drive in Sri Lanka.
      Note: Without this paper, If you do meet with an accident and if person damage
      is done, then theoretically you will have problems.

      here you can read more information: http://www.theaa.com/getaway/idp/

      Its best if you find a accommodation by the lagoon or close ( walking distance)
      to the lagoon, that way you save traveling costs and you can get in to the water
      and out any time you feel like it. There are accommodation starting from tent up
      to 4 star standards, depending on your budget you could choose from a range.
      Just in case you need a "best value for money" in town, then its worth a look at
      a village that we have created to promote Sri Lanka / kalpitiya among travelers
      who wants to discover Kalpitiya without spending more than what they would have
      to spend in Brazil/Spain/Portugal/Thailand or Philippines. www.ruukvillage.com

      If you need more information just drop me a note.
      Cheers enjoy my lovely country

      And here is a official video pointing all the attractions what this island has
      to offer...do take few days to discover the country yourself, you will sure to
      appreciate it.


      When the main season ( may till Sept) of wind comes to an End ( traders winds ),
      around First week of December untill End of March there is enough thermal wind
      which picks up in the after noon and with a 12qm kite you can easily enjoy the
      empty lagoons.
      If you are not a fan of crowds this is the best time to travel to Kalpitiya and
      the prices of places would be cheaper too :-))