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70776What will be the future presence of this category of wing in kitesurfing?

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  • Joe Faust
    Jan 5, 2012
      Happy new year!

      And good news...! I finished the drawings and plans for my

      The plans and additional information are here
      posted in public domain for free study, copy, and development. In
      addition, the first prototype is being built by my friends at Adrenaline
      Paragliders headquarters in Yecla (South-eastern Spain). Is very close
      to finish!

      I think a new breed of simple-surface paragliders is emerging...

      I notice more news soon, with pictures of the first unit.

      Best regards,


      Reports of explorations on making and kiting the wing are invited in
      time. There will be manned and unmanned reports, maybe from you.
      --------------------------------- tags: single-surface, Barretina
      Hyperlite, Pere Casellas, Laboratori d'envol

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