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707672012 Kitesurf Season in Panama - December-May

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  • shokobo1982
    Sep 20, 2011
      2012 Season is coming up! December-May

      Winter is coming to the Northern Hemisphere and Summer is coming to Panama. And with the summer comes 5 months of steady north wind that blows 15-25 knots D A I L Y!!!! (realy DAILY!!)

      ShokoGi Kitesurf School in Panama Welcomes everybody to come ride with us in our 2 amazing spots in Panama, or try an unforgettable kitesurf trip in and between the SAN BLASS Islands!

      Pedasi School: (60-70% days with wind)

      Punta Chame School: (95% days with wind)

      Meanwhile enjoy the pictures from 2011 season and become our FaceBook friends!