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70747What's the dream kite for my computer to fly... to generate power

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  • roderickjosephread
    Apr 29, 2011
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      I've kinda screwed my back. So now I'm not kite surfing, I want to use a
      computer controlled kite (stack?) to generate electricity.
      I know ... odd
      But we all know there's tonnes of power there.So I came up with a few
      design concepts. And a tide one or two as well.

      And I'm sharing the ideas and project online.
      So I'm looking at the moment from this group for ...what kind of kite
      will be able to
      1. Have microcontrollers, solar panels, accelerometers, wifi and
      coded laser reflectors sewn onto the corners.
      2. Be stable enough that a computer could fly it after a bit of
      training... (This is total guess work, I wont know my computer reaction
      times , winding speed and power parameters until a kite is specced.)
      Fairly thick and highish aspect am I right?
      3. Be really powerfull
      My guess is that I am going to have to start fairly standard. In order
      to keep prices down as I'm starting up... but also just to go about
      prooving the concepts in the first place..It's being done already in
      Italy I believe

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