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70743Glad you are still here & thanks!

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  • flkitesurfer
    Apr 26, 2011
      I had trouble finding my old egroups now yahoogroups account access information. Have it again now and just wanted to stop by and checkout the Kitesurf Group list. Back in the day, this largely was it, the main kitesurfing site worldwide. A number of us actually learned important aspects of kiting in large measure from discussions on here. I was in the second wave or so of kiters, starting in August 1998. I didn't see another kiter for seven months and the one after that in another five months. Two kiter sitings in a year and in fairly crowded SE Florida!

      Today there are numerous websites like fksa.org, kiteforum and dozens more with a good portion perhaps eclipsed by facebook activity. Still, this list was the first and for a long time the only Internet worldwide source of discussion and information on kiting.

      Thanks for that and for keeping the site alive!

      Rick Iossi
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