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70732BEDOUIN KITE ADVENTURE in June 2010 - Dahab / south sinai / Egypt

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  • gunnarpalm99
    May 26, 2010
      In June 2010 , we will open for 2 weeks a kitecamp at a secret kitelagoon next to Dahab/south sinai/Egypt

      You can bring you own equipment or rent kites from Core kites and Carved or Deluxe boards.

      We will travel from Scharm el Sheik airport by minibus about 1 hour to Dahab and carry on with camels about 1 1/2 hours along the shore.
      Direkt at the lagoon we're going to sleep in basic huts on the beach - campfire camping flaire - food will be organised by a bedouin and for sure kiting all day.
      In windstatistics over the last 15 jears, we had an average of 90 % of wind at least 15-30 knots 4 hours a day - take small kites with you ;-)
      For the ones that want to learn or improve there kiting skills this will be a perfekt trip you will never forget.

      The huts will be on the beach next to the kite lagoon with a mattress and blankets, it will be pretty warm and therefore it will be although possible to sleep outside under the stars;
      there will be toilets and we will provide a sweet water shower.
      Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be Bedouin style buffet and changing main course either fresh fish or chicken, fruits and vegetables, rice or potatoes and self-made delicious Bedouin bread and Bedouin side dishes ( be suprised ;-)
      A Bedouin will take care about all the food and will cook for us daily. If you want other refreshments than water, coffee or tea; there is an restaurant at the lagoon were you can buy f.eg. cola or sprite.

      More informations on :
      or Facebook :

      If you need further detailed informations, fell free to send me an email : gunnar@...

      windy and sunny greetings from Dahab

      Gunnar Palm
      IKO VDWS CDWS Kiteinstructor - Kitecentermanager

      bedouin kite adventure 15.06.2010 - 27.06.2010 : http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/event.php?eid=326729130599

      Kitecenter : http://www.gpkite.net

      check Dahab wind : http://www.muchoviento.net

      Skype : gunnar_goes_kiting
      GOOGLE maps DAHAB : http://maps.google.com/maps/place?georestrict=input_srcid:e2c108a50f34e4ca&hl=de