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  • rossantonio
    May 24, 2010

      THE LURE


      In the UK it is practically impossible to rent kites, (nice work H&S) so anybody considering the sport must shell out for the kit, or borrow from a friend. In Hurghada, and El Gouna, all the necessary equipment can be hired, at very cheap prices.

      Year-round wind and sun add to Hurghada's appeal as the liveliest kite surfing destination in Egypt. The shallow, flat waters and amazingly cheap packages mean that this has long been a favourite with kiters through out Europe.

      THE SET UP:

      Although various areas can be ridden, the kite surfing focuses around three main sites:

      From Hurghada Marina there is company that operate kite surfing trips out on the Red Sea sand bars located 10 mins from the marina by speedboat, or 45 mins on a ketch. Day courses or weekly courses are available, and are perfect for beginners as well as intermediate, veterans, and pros. The company is taking advantage of the growth in the sport, and offer a 5 star service, with brand new top quality equipment, which is replaced on a regular basis (with participants regularly buying the equipment they use). Wakeboarding, as well as kiting is available in the pristine unpolluted waters, as the sand bars are located off shore, and not blighted by detritus and rubbish that seems to collect on the on shore sites. A maximum of 8 kites at a time will be transported and flown at any one time, so beginners do not have the headache of negotiating traffic which can hamper learning. Dutch/German rider Robbie Feldman's company Waterkite exclusively uses North equipment, which is one of the sports most innovative companies. English is spoken perfectly, and is the teaching language however courses can also be undertaken in Dutch, German, and Russian.

      Waterkite is a kite surfing school offering you professional teaching in one of the best kite surfing locations worldwide, namely Hurghada in Egypt. WaterKite isn't tied to specific spots, but rather chooses the most suitable location for YOUR level and goal, - according to their motto "YOU DON'T NEED A DESTINATION!". In addition to that, they will introduce you to some of stunning landscapes of the area. Furthermore, they have access to some secret top spots, which we can easily reach by means of our modern 150 hp power boat which are specifically customized to suit kite surfers' needs. Waterkite strictly follows VDWS guidelines and therefore guarantees your safety to a maximum degree and most efficient teaching methodology. Our instructors are very experienced as they have worked, amongst others, in Germany, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus and Egypt for years. Hence they will guarantee beginners as well as improvers both smooth and perfectly tailored teaching procedures to suit needs.

      Apart from the teaching they also have complete packages on offer for you. Those booking a kite surfing course with us will enjoy an all-inclusive-package similar to that of a club holiday. We offer you a 24 hour service and entertain you with numerous other activities, such as visits to clubs, bars, restaurants or sightseeing. Which weekly activities are chosen in particular completely depends on YOUR choice and liking.

      An additional special service only our centre has on offer is a shuttle service from the airport in Hurghada. If you book with us, you will personally be welcomed and picked up from the airport. They also cater for those of you wanting to avoid the hassle of organizing their flight and accommodation: They book flights for you or/and refer you to the best local hotels and apartments.

      The Magawish Hotel is home to the Colona Watersports centre. The spot is well-known for its sand bar approximately 400 metres from the main beach, with cross/cross-onshore wind from the left. The launch area is pretty small but shouldn't put learners off as there's a sandy bottomed lagoon upwind of the centre with plenty of space for lessons and to practice those early maneuvers. From the main launch there is plenty of space to ride both up- and downwind to avoid the crowds. Dive boats use the channel between the launch and the main riding area so ride sensibly here. When it's exposed, the area on the lee-side of the sand bar is super-flat, and the surrounding areas are flat to choppy. It can get busy here as it's the prime spot to load the rail for tricks and jumps.

      Jasmin Village and Grand Seas hotels both house Tommy Friedl Pro Centres. The kite surf beach is located between the two hotels; an 800 metre long sandy beach that offers plenty of space to launch kites. The water depth gradually drops away; inside, the beginner area is roughly the size of a football field, about half a metre deep. Beyond that there's another drop off to about one and a half metres. Roughly 400 metres from the shoreline, the water shelves into the open sea. The areas are tidal and create differences of about half a metre. In extreme low tides beginners move into the slightly deeper areas between the shallows and the open sea.


      Forces four to six most of the year, with the most consistent months being March to October. Air temperatures can get up to 40°C in the summer and 23°C in winter.


      The water temperature in Egypt ranges from 20 to 28°C.


      Plenty of hotels to choose from with great packages from Europe. Excellent childcare facilities in some allow you more time on the water! You may not find everything in town to your taste, but its all here. There are plenty of non-kite surfing activities including wakeboarding, windsurfing and diving. A ferry between Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada makes an Egyptian road trip (by taxi) a distinct possibility. Head to the Valley of the Kings and you'll be amazed by the underground tombs and ancient artwork.

      DON'T MISS:
      • The Valley of the Kings
      • Bazaar in Hurghada old town

      Hurghada (HRG) airport is about 20 minutes drive to town and 10 mins to hotels at the kite spots. Taxis are fairly cheap and extremely plentiful.


      THE LURE

      30 minutes North of Hurghada lies the resort of El Gouna, a lattice work of waterways, housing, hotels, restaurants, bars and a world class golf course. On top of all that it offers some great riding, again best in the summer but with year-round potential. El Gouna is the gem in the crown of the Red Sea Riviera, a reputation reinforced by the collection of expensive looking yachts in the Abu Tig Marina and the sweep of classy hotels. El Gouna has become a favourite with those keeping non-kite surfing other halves happy, with families or those looking to spoil themselves, though not necessarily their bank accounts.

      THE SET UP:

      There are two main kite surfing areas. The Movenpick is a five star hotel with a kite boarding centre on their private beach. The launch has plenty of space with a designated kiting area to keep swimmers and kiters apart. The wind is predominantly from the north, making it cross/cross-on from the left and there is a wide, shallow area that leads out to the deep water channel. This spot is ideal for those with kids who can be left with the day care team and for non-kite surfing partners who want to lounge by one of the many pools, soak up the rays on the beach, go diving or go spa while you kite surf. The area is smaller than the other spot, Mangroovy beach, but tends not to get so busy because the beach itself is private. You don't have to stay at the Movenpick to use the centre. Mangroovy beach is at the northern end of El Gouna and is a shallow water haven. Cross-shore winds from the left and a gentle shelving beach means that there is a good amount of shallow water for beginners as well as deeper water on the outside. There's plenty of space to go upwind if you're competent and a number of centres on this stretch of beach to pick from. Both areas are tidal, more so in summer than winter, and this definitely effects the riding as a beginner when a little more care needs to be taken and getting in can be more difficult. It's worth finding out what is happening with the tides when booking. Booties are recommended as coral underfoot can cause some discomfort. As with most of Egypt there are people that will help launch and land your kites and even put them away for you!


      In terms of reliability, Egypt really is up there for wind, and El Gouna doesn't let the side down, with force four to six most of the year, with the most consistent months being March to October. Air temperatures can get up to 40°C in the summer and 23°C in winter.


      Like the rest of Egypt, the water temperature remains very warm all year.


      El Gouna was built with the tourist in mind, so everything you need is here and nowhere is more than five or ten minutes on the little electric golf buggy-cum-buses for which you can buy a weekly ticket for about $2. There are loads of restaurants suiting every palate and pocket, and there are plenty of bars, though in comparison to Hurghada, things are much tamer here and you won't be raving in a club 'til 6am. There are a whole range of accommodation options as well, and even the cheaper end offers a good standard of room. There are a huge range of activities including wakeboarding, horse riding, go-karting, yoga, tennis, fishing, diving, horse riding, quad biking, volleyball and more in the area.

      DON'T MISS:

      • The World Class Golf Course.
      • 5 star Hotels and Restaurants.
      • Yoga Lessons and Spas.
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