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70703Cool New Kitesurfing Website

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  • Mike Taylor
    Jan 19, 2010
      Hi all,
      Just wanted to email you all about something that I think pretty much every
      kitesurfer will love. I have just finished building a site (kitebidder.com) which lets you buy and sell, new or
      used kite gear. It is completely free to use, no fees for selling or buying. Anyway, would love to get your
      opinions and support for this site, kitebidder.com It is quickly
      growing, and hopefully it will help us all in the longterm save some money. Hope
      you like it, and hope you either find something you are interested in, or manage
      to sell that old kite, board, wetsuit, or whatever you want really. Thx.

      Mike Taylor
      Head of Classifieds

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