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70688COM Psuedo SPAM (mod) Learning to kite-surf is cheap now! ;)

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  • patoumann
    Feb 11, 2009
      Who said that learning to Kitesurf is expensive? Maybe it is in some
      places in the word, but it is definitely not in others. Check this out:
      in Muizenberg (Cape Town) Suburb , one just teach you how to Kite-surf
      for free! You would think then, what is wrong with people in Muizenberg?
      Are they just too nice to ask for money, or do they just want to make
      new friends instead of making money? Actually not, and they are even
      pretty good in business, the deal being that they will pay back your
      kitesurfing lessons when you purchase your first kite. Actually not a
      bad deal as the kiteschool giving this deal is importing Ozone Kites
      into South-Africa, and Ozone kites cost there averagely 25% less than
      anywhere in the world... So at the end of the day, after claiming the
      VAT back at the airport on your way back home at the end of your
      holidays, you have learned hiow to kite-surf plus buy go back home with
      a new kite for almost nothing!

      Who said that Kite-surfing in not affordable?? ;)


      Here is the link to the Kite school if you don't believe me ;)

      http://www.surfstore.co.za/ <http://www.surfstore.co.za/>

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