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  • thelamedman
    Dec 8, 2008
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      Hello everyone!
      First of all, let me say I'm 25, have been kiting for 8 years and
      instructing for the last two years in an insured and organized school.
      (I have been instructing wakeboarding in the USA but never mind. I'm
      very proficient and refresh my knowledge constantly.) anyhow,
      Israel is not affiliated with IKO, not for learning or instructing.
      I use KTM's Methodology for my tutoring but I never took the test to
      be legislated as an instructor.
      I'm now contemplating instructing somewhere around the world; I wonder
      if I must get IKO certification for that, or can I find places that
      will satisfy with my expertise or by becoming a KTM certificate

      Any information that can shed some light over the subject will be
      deeply appreciated. I didn't got to kiteboard in many exotic places so
      personal recommendations are welcome!

      All the best,