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70661NAISH X4 16M KITESURING KITE controle setup H E L P plz

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  • lord_stone_monkey
    Jul 7, 2008
      HI i was wandering if any one could help me i just got a naish x4 16m
      (off my other half as a prezzie) and although im a old hand at kite
      flying having one of the first peter powle stunt kites (about 33 years
      ago lol)and one of the original flexifoil 10 footer and nassa wing for
      my buggy (slow but powerful) and a few foils in between i understand
      the dynamics of the wind but NEVER used a bar for controlling a kite
      can any one recommend a decent control bar and harness for this
      kite(in the cheap ish bracket)as it has not got one. (kite only).
      And why you would recommend it.
      am i better of with 4 or 5 line set up or even if i can use a 5 line
      set up. i have explored the net for answers but this only confuses the
      issue further.
      it all started with me geting a side winder board out of my local
      paper about 7 years ago for 10£.
      but i want to give it the best of British try any how, before deciding
      to go for the mega bucks dogs nuts thing, and spending a years wage on
      a set up lol. any advice at this stage would be good.
      thanks in advance
      stone monkey
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