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70646RE: [ksurf] shark phobia

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  • Gary Brownless
    Apr 5, 2008
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      If I recall correctly, there was a report about 2Y back regarding a kiter
      who had his board bitten by a great white off Durban (South Africa) during a
      down wind race - he survived with no injuries. If you have seen the video
      clips / foto's taken around Cape Agullas area of Great Whites attacking live
      seals and a dummy seal towed behind a ski-boat - then imagine how attractive
      a nice coloured board must look silhouetted against the surface with nice
      speed curves, or even better those nice yummy legs hanging down whilst body
      dragging towards yr board!!

      Good news is that they generally stay away from aerated water, so stay
      inside the surf zone and avoid drop-offs where they like to lurk waiting for
      the seals returning from feeding inside the surf zone.

      The kiters in Richards Bay, Durban, East London and Muizenburg for sure must
      have some experience with Da Whitey and may have some stories / tips.


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      I Kitesurf at Waddell Creek (California). Now the Landlord is the Great
      White who is feeding mostly on Elephant Seal pups at Ano Nuevo north
      about a mile. But I am sure they do cruise by south. I havent seen one.
      But they have been sighted along the coast. No one as far as I know has
      had issues. I do however think about it sometimes while kiting or
      surfing and when I go to China I NEVER eat sharks-fin-soup...bad karma.


      Gabe Le wrote:
      > mostly probably not attacked when kiting, but I can imagine sharks
      > could attack some butt which is hangin' too long in the water :D
      > kidding asside: while the rider is in water (mostly shallow, right?)
      > and sharks are near, anything can happen. These creatures are very
      > curious, and they react also to splashes (which kitesurfers do).
      > I personally haven't heard yet of kitesurfers nor windsurfers being
      > attacked.
      > Nevertheless, knowing an area which HAS sharkies, I'd stay away from
      > there.
      > Anybody else?
      > Gabe
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      > hey, anyone has had an encounter with a shark while kiting? the area
      > where i kite has tiger sharks, but im not sure if you could be attacked
      > while kiting
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