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70644Re: [ksurf] shark phobia

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  • Niall Macken, IDE Inc.
    Apr 1, 2008

      I Kitesurf at Waddell Creek (California). Now the Landlord is the Great
      White who is feeding mostly on Elephant Seal pups at Ano Nuevo north
      about a mile. But I am sure they do cruise by south. I havent seen one.
      But they have been sighted along the coast. No one as far as I know has
      had issues. I do however think about it sometimes while kiting or
      surfing and when I go to China I NEVER eat sharks-fin-soup...bad karma.


      Gabe Le wrote:
      > mostly probably not attacked when kiting, but I can imagine sharks
      > could attack some butt which is hangin' too long in the water :D
      > kidding asside: while the rider is in water (mostly shallow, right?)
      > and sharks are near, anything can happen. These creatures are very
      > curious, and they react also to splashes (which kitesurfers do).
      > I personally haven't heard yet of kitesurfers nor windsurfers being
      > attacked.
      > Nevertheless, knowing an area which HAS sharkies, I'd stay away from
      > there.
      > Anybody else?
      > Gabe
      > miquelor <miquelor@... <mailto:miquelor%40yahoo.com>> wrote:
      > hey, anyone has had an encounter with a shark while kiting? the area
      > where i kite has tiger sharks, but im not sure if you could be attacked
      > while kiting
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