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70622RE: [ksurf] 10 years anniversary

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  • Jake
    Jan 25, 2008
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      Best wishes to Rob for a speedy recovery! Sounds like he was lucky to have
      you guys around.

      Happy 10th now go out and kite!


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      Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 3:10 AM
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      Subject: Re: [ksurf] 10 years anniversary

      I'm still reading although i didnt come on board as early as some of you?,
      Hung, Your advice ( and others here)helped me bigtime and I appreciate that,
      I got started on 'New Wave Concept air foils" and learned by myself on
      desert lakes in Arizona, Lots of us paid our dues learning on our own on
      equipment which was less then ideal and groups like this were our only
      contact, Nowadays equipment is so good in comparison the newbe's have no
      clue the dedication it took back then.
      ?Life keeps changing, I moved from the desert to the west coast and started
      www.Kiteworks.org? ( a Kite repair bussines) while kiting became a lifestyle
      rather than a sport for me , dealing with the meager winds in San Diego
      became more than I could deal with so I moved again to South Padre Island
      Texas , One of the USA's kiting destinations and still do kite repair but
      not like in San diego where I stayed much busier, now I am semi retired,
      Kiting everyday there is wind , surfing when there are waves and basically
      just loving life.
      Thanks to all you who helped change my life for the better.
      On another note, it seems to me with the better equipment these days people
      dont really look after each other on the water as much as they used to, an
      incident 3 weeks ago brought this home, the winds were light and my
      boyfriend and?I went to the flats to mess around with some older kites we
      hadnt used in a long time, just for something to do and to get wet, a few
      others were there but only one other getting set up. by the time I launched
      ,my boyfriend ( John) and Rob were on the water, I headed out going upwind
      of both when I noticed Robs kite on the water and john heading downwind
      towards him, I couldnt see Rob moving or trying to relaunch so I went
      downwind also, when I got there John was resusitating Rob , I went to shore
      to have someone call 911 and get more help out to John, Rob had a brain
      anurism, passed out and drowned, John revived him and He is now recovering
      from brain surgery, The point is, no matter what your skill level or what
      the conditions, S**T happens, look after your fellow kiters and keep a
      constant eye on anyone down on the water, take a minute to check them out,
      The life saved just might be yours !!
      Happy new year and happy tenth Kitesurf !!

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      Sent: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 9:53 pm
      Subject: Re: [ksurf] 10 years anniversary

      Im flying a peter lynn 10m bomba red dont be shy..

      rscxx <rscxx@yahoo. <mailto:rscxx%40yahoo.com> com> wrote: I dony know you
      all so much, but I subscribe to the site & like to hear whsayup. was at the
      dead bird in galveston. Now going to big island hawaii 1st feb, meet mi if u

      HungVu2000 <hungvu2000@rogers. <mailto:hungvu2000%40rogers.com> com> wrote:
      Hi Josh and Steve,

      Glad to see that you guys are still with the group.

      I am no longer the moderator so I have no idea who is still reading the
      group. Maybe Tim or Tunico may know by checking the member database.

      I would be nice to know who is doing what now.

      As for me, I still kite fairly frequently (besides the daily 15-30
      minutes exercise, kiting keep me in good health) and operate a local
      kite school.


      OneWithWind@ <mailto:OneWithWind%40aol.com> aol.com wrote:

      >Hi Hung,
      > Are there many others of us who started out on the list still out there
      >reading it? Stephano used to have a web site about the first 30 of us with
      >little bio's so we could get to know each other better. I'd like to see
      >again an see where in kiting they are now.
      >PEACE & WINDS
      > Josh Young
      > Onewithwind@ <mailto:Onewithwind%40aol.com> aol.com
      >**************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
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