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70617Re: [ksurf] 10 years anniversary

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  • Steve
    Jan 24, 2008
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      Hi Hung and Group:
      What is left of it : )

      I got on board the summer of 1999. It had been many years since I had
      seen the Truck commercial with Cory Roessler water skiing down a canal
      being pulled by a big Delta Kite. I had been waiting ever since for
      this "kite skiing" thing to mature to the point that equipment would be
      available for purchase. When I saw some kite boarders on a TV show
      using Wipika Classic Kites I knew that the time had come. I took
      lessons and bought a kite within a couple of months. In the summer of 99
      the biggest kite I could buy was a Wipika Classic 8.5 , which was way
      too small for me. My bar was a home built 2 liner, a piece of sail
      board boom with a couple eye bolts on it. The safety system was a long
      leash that shortened one of the lines with a slip knot wrist strap. The
      board was a surfboard with 3 windsurf foot straps bolted on the deck.
      By the next summer I had converted the kite to 4 lines and had bought a
      Naish AR5 15.5.
      When I took my first lesson from Bruce at Sheldon Sails in the Delta he
      didn't know how to stay upwind yet.
      If I remember right, back then we could buy kites and lines but we were
      on our own for bars. Your site and this discussion group were
      invaluable. I am really glad that now I don't have to kludge up my own
      gear. It is really cool that the ideas we tossed around then have come
      to market. I don't spend even a fraction of the time now that I did
      then on line talking about it. These days it is all about doing it.
      The sport has matured. I don't follow any of the discussion groups any
      more. The only reason I am writing now is because this group gets to me
      passively. I almost never take the time to hit the Kite Forum. I only
      go there if I am trying to find out about something specific, like what
      kind of board to buy. I'm really glad it is there but since I don't
      subscribe to any of the topics currently it is outside of my awareness

      Happy Anniversary Everyone!

      Carson City, Nevada, USA

      HungVu2000 wrote:
      > I went to Alexa and check the traffic pattern of kiteforum.com
      > http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details/kiteforum.com?q=
      > <http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details/kiteforum.com?q=> and
      > notice that the current traffic is on the downward trend. The peak was
      > in 2006/2007.
      > Kitesurfing is now a mature sport so people is more interested in local
      > events as opposed to world wide events.
      > Hung.
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