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70549Re: [ksurf] Re: 5th line help required

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  • Brian Anderson
    Aug 15, 2007
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      Hi Jon

      Thank you so much for the advice and help I really
      apreciate it.

      You have answered more than I originaly asked which is
      great but now I have another question if you can help

      You said that all lines should be the same length,
      currently they are but the 5th line is connecting to a
      line that is fastened to the centre leading edge which
      is about 6 ft long with several knots at different
      stages therefore making it very saggy.

      Should I have this extra line or should the 5th line
      be fastened right up to the leading edge?

      Regards Brian

      PS. I hope you dont mind me asking all these questions

      --- netcmdd <jon@...> wrote:

      > Brian:
      > Do NOT give up on the 5th line, the safety and
      > relaunch make it
      > something I require in a kite and I don't feel safe
      > without it.
      > Regarding slack in the 5th line (this is mostly for
      > North kites, check
      > your OEM website to confirm for others):
      > * There will be some slack when the depower strap
      > is sheeted in since
      > you've shortened the front lines. This is normal. In
      > an 06 North
      > kite+bar, there is no bungee so the slack is even
      > more visible. It's ok.
      > * Try to ensure the 5th line doesn't get too
      > twisted around the front
      > lines when you rig (untwist it). A couple twists is
      > ok, but when you
      > start doing spins, too many in one direction can
      > make it tight.
      > See this video to understand how to tune and check
      > your line lengths:
      > [hint: they should all be the same length]
      > 5th line relaunch is super easy. Get kite LE down,
      > downwind. If it's
      > LE up, pull one side of lines to get it to spin kite
      > and turn LE down.
      > Grab two armfuls of 5th line to pitch kite back 45
      > degrees and pull
      > bar to one side. (DO NOT flip the kite on its back
      > -- taco -- this
      > isn't good). This makes it taxi to the side of the
      > window. Let out 5th
      > line as it gets to the side of window so it gets a
      > bit more power.
      > Once to the side, it should be wing up. Keep pulling
      > bar and when it's
      > about to launch let out all 5th line. It should now
      > launch so steer it
      > like an assisted launch.
      > To relaunch with leading edge facing you:
      > Trick is to ensure the lines do not slide over the
      > back of the kite
      > and "invert" it.
      > To prevent this, pull 5th line (or all 4 lines) at
      > the same time to
      > get the kite toward you and create slack in the
      > lines. With the slack
      > in the lines, pull on the steering line on the side
      > of the kite that
      > is most likely not to slide up over the kite (you
      > can see one set of
      > lines along the canopy the other under the leading
      > edge. Since the
      > ones under the leading edge won't slide over the
      > kite, pull these).
      > The kite will spin, starting to turn
      > leading-edge-down-away-from-you
      > and start to fill with air as normal relaunch. At
      > this point, relaunch
      > as you would with LE down (pull 5th, steer to one
      > side, get to edge,
      > takeoff).
      > Self landing in Sherman Channel at Little Baja
      > (DANGER):
      > I had to do this a while back cause I couldn't go
      > upwind and I'm kite
      > addicted bad. It was WAY easier than it sounds in
      > 25mph on 12m. Be
      > careful, this is a dangerous location to try to get
      > out if you can't
      > stay upwind on after I did it, (and being lofted 3
      > times in the
      > channel pretty well) I decided I probably shouldn't
      > have tried it at all.
      > You can play the 5th line to the other lines to get
      > the kite off the
      > water and drop it on top of the levee as you
      > approach (Don B.
      > explained this in more detail to me, very useful).
      > So, you hit the
      > chickenloop release, let go of the bar and kite
      > crashes. You start
      > self rescue, wind 5th line slack onto the bar (to
      > make sure the kite
      > is depowered as you approach the bar, wind lines,
      > etc. very
      > important). As you get near the rocks, pull more 5th
      > line. This sends
      > the kite into the air since the LE gets pulled
      > toward you and the kite
      > is upside down -- kite still has no power. Get it
      > over the rocks as
      > you drift downwind. As it gets over the grass, let
      > some 5th out (or
      > pull side lines a bit to get kite down) and it will
      > drop on the grass.
      > --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "rockhopper25"
      > <rockhopper25@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi guys I am a complete newby to kitesurfing I
      > have just bought my
      > > first equipment which comprises of a Naish boxer
      > 12 mtr kite and a
      > > Naish 5th line bar. The equipment is second hand.
      > >
      > > I have been watching other people and from what I
      > have seen the 5th
      > > line seems to be made of a line going straight up
      > to the leading edge
      > > of the kite and connecting via a series of knots
      > at different levels.
      > >
      > > On my bar the 5th line is made up from a line
      > connected to a piece of
      > > bungee cord then another line which goes up to the
      > leading edge and
      > > connects to another line with the knots. The kite
      > seems to fly ok but
      > > the line is very loose and hangs a lot.
      > >
      > > I have asked a few people about this on the beach
      > but I can never get
      > > any sense from them they just tell me if it flys
      > its ok.
      > >
      > > Is it normal to have a 5th line made from kite
      > line and elastic
      > > bungee and should it be hanging or tight.
      > >
      > > Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with
      > this.
      > >
      > > Regards Brian
      > >

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