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70547Re: 5th line help required

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  • netcmdd
    Aug 14 9:15 AM

      Do NOT give up on the 5th line, the safety and relaunch make it
      something I require in a kite and I don't feel safe without it.

      Regarding slack in the 5th line (this is mostly for North kites, check
      your OEM website to confirm for others):

      * There will be some slack when the depower strap is sheeted in since
      you've shortened the front lines. This is normal. In an 06 North
      kite+bar, there is no bungee so the slack is even more visible. It's ok.

      * Try to ensure the 5th line doesn't get too twisted around the front
      lines when you rig (untwist it). A couple twists is ok, but when you
      start doing spins, too many in one direction can make it tight.

      See this video to understand how to tune and check your line lengths:
      [hint: they should all be the same length]

      5th line relaunch is super easy. Get kite LE down, downwind. If it's
      LE up, pull one side of lines to get it to spin kite and turn LE down.
      Grab two armfuls of 5th line to pitch kite back 45 degrees and pull
      bar to one side. (DO NOT flip the kite on its back -- taco -- this
      isn't good). This makes it taxi to the side of the window. Let out 5th
      line as it gets to the side of window so it gets a bit more power.
      Once to the side, it should be wing up. Keep pulling bar and when it's
      about to launch let out all 5th line. It should now launch so steer it
      like an assisted launch.

      To relaunch with leading edge facing you:

      Trick is to ensure the lines do not slide over the back of the kite
      and "invert" it.

      To prevent this, pull 5th line (or all 4 lines) at the same time to
      get the kite toward you and create slack in the lines. With the slack
      in the lines, pull on the steering line on the side of the kite that
      is most likely not to slide up over the kite (you can see one set of
      lines along the canopy the other under the leading edge. Since the
      ones under the leading edge won't slide over the kite, pull these).
      The kite will spin, starting to turn leading-edge-down-away-from-you
      and start to fill with air as normal relaunch. At this point, relaunch
      as you would with LE down (pull 5th, steer to one side, get to edge,

      Self landing in Sherman Channel at Little Baja (DANGER):

      I had to do this a while back cause I couldn't go upwind and I'm kite
      addicted bad. It was WAY easier than it sounds in 25mph on 12m. Be
      careful, this is a dangerous location to try to get out if you can't
      stay upwind on after I did it, (and being lofted 3 times in the
      channel pretty well) I decided I probably shouldn't have tried it at all.

      You can play the 5th line to the other lines to get the kite off the
      water and drop it on top of the levee as you approach (Don B.
      explained this in more detail to me, very useful). So, you hit the
      chickenloop release, let go of the bar and kite crashes. You start
      self rescue, wind 5th line slack onto the bar (to make sure the kite
      is depowered as you approach the bar, wind lines, etc. very
      important). As you get near the rocks, pull more 5th line. This sends
      the kite into the air since the LE gets pulled toward you and the kite
      is upside down -- kite still has no power. Get it over the rocks as
      you drift downwind. As it gets over the grass, let some 5th out (or
      pull side lines a bit to get kite down) and it will drop on the grass.

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "rockhopper25" <rockhopper25@...> wrote:
      > Hi guys I am a complete newby to kitesurfing I have just bought my
      > first equipment which comprises of a Naish boxer 12 mtr kite and a
      > Naish 5th line bar. The equipment is second hand.
      > I have been watching other people and from what I have seen the 5th
      > line seems to be made of a line going straight up to the leading edge
      > of the kite and connecting via a series of knots at different levels.
      > On my bar the 5th line is made up from a line connected to a piece of
      > bungee cord then another line which goes up to the leading edge and
      > connects to another line with the knots. The kite seems to fly ok but
      > the line is very loose and hangs a lot.
      > I have asked a few people about this on the beach but I can never get
      > any sense from them they just tell me if it flys its ok.
      > Is it normal to have a 5th line made from kite line and elastic
      > bungee and should it be hanging or tight.
      > Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this.
      > Regards Brian
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