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705435th line help required

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  • rockhopper25
    Aug 14 6:12 AM
      Hi guys I am a complete newby to kitesurfing I have just bought my
      first equipment which comprises of a Naish boxer 12 mtr kite and a
      Naish 5th line bar. The equipment is second hand.

      I have been watching other people and from what I have seen the 5th
      line seems to be made of a line going straight up to the leading edge
      of the kite and connecting via a series of knots at different levels.

      On my bar the 5th line is made up from a line connected to a piece of
      bungee cord then another line which goes up to the leading edge and
      connects to another line with the knots. The kite seems to fly ok but
      the line is very loose and hangs a lot.

      I have asked a few people about this on the beach but I can never get
      any sense from them they just tell me if it flys its ok.

      Is it normal to have a 5th line made from kite line and elastic
      bungee and should it be hanging or tight.

      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this.

      Regards Brian
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