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70542Great used kites.....

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  • jim cancil
    Jul 28, 2007
      I like used kites. I don't feel bad selling them at a good price..because I buy them the same
      way. It allows me to cross-brand, duplicate sizes and add a couple of kites a year without
      feeling foolhardy.

      My list of favorites changes from year-to-year. Mostly I feel safe with any 1-2 year old
      North and 'know' I have a good kite. ..not that there's not some small detail that can be
      picked on, but 'overall', they can be relied upon to perform beyond my abilities.

      Add a new kite to the list: the RRD Hyper. it's a Bow/SLE: kite that thinks it's a C-kite. I
      dumped a 14M Contra Bow after a couple of months because it was too Bowish: soft and
      slow. This Hyper 15 is a dazzler for its size. It has the bottom end of a 16M Vegas and
      turning speed that's a close match. I had a couple of earlier RRDs and was impressed with
      the construction. Before these, I figgered anything Italian was probably made with more
      hand gestures than sewing. The designs seem excellent and I now feel as safe with them as
      a North.

      I add this simply to say that there will always be something attractive on the near horizon,
      but sometimes you're just as well off with day-old pasta. Ciao!

      j i m