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70538RE: [ksurf] 2 non FAQ Beginner questions

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  • Jago Pearce
    Jul 22, 2007
      Any tips for finding reasonably priced lessons here in the UK?

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      Actually these messages are out of concern for your safety. I started in
      the very early days (2 line Naish AR 3.5) when there was no instruction
      whatsoever. No boards for a while either. I had a lot of boat rescues and
      finally a kitemare that almost killed me. I quit the sport until 4 yrs ago.
      I am an adrenaline junky and my buddies figure I have used 8 of my 9
      lives. I took lessons 4 yrs ago and balked at the cost, but when they
      compared it to diving lessons and the need for safety instruction (as well
      as fragile equipment) I understood.
      I was still scared until I had several months of kiting under my belt.
      Most people who get lofted on land don't let go soon enought and flying big
      kites on land is a dangerous mistake to most of us. You can also easily
      destroy your kite.
      In the water you need to know how to control your kite and do a self rescue.
      I have seen and heard of incredible kitemares and it never ceases to amaze
      me how inventive an out of control kite is in finding novel ways to try and
      kill you.
      I herniated a disc in May when my kite inverted in 45mph winds and I
      couldn't haul it in for self-rescue. I had lines around my legs and my
      knife in my mouth and could have easily lost a limb from those lines.
      This is an absolutely awesome sport and advances are being made yearly
      (never buy older kites) and we are seeing fewer and fewer deaths, but a lot
      of that is due to understanding the dangers of the sport.
      It sounds like you plan on flying your kite regardless of our advice. Know
      your safety systems. Know how to release the chicken loop, flag the kite
      out, release the kite if shit hits the fan. Know how to rig and check your
      lines. Know the weather! A squall and doubling of the wind will send you
      into orbit.

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      Subject: Re: [ksurf] 2 non FAQ Beginner questions

      To the group and Andy,

      I have belonged to this group for a long time and this last post really
      disturbed me. Andy, you say that we "hate you"? How do you know?
      You have never met us.

      I applaud your enthusiasm to begin to kiting but first things are first.
      Lessons are a great idea. Awesome idea. I had a 2.8 meter Best trainer
      that I flew for a year and a half and then shredded it from flying so
      much. I then bought a HQ Beemer 3.6 meter. I flew both of these kites
      for about 2 years before I took lessons (Real Kiteboarding). I learned
      two things from flying my trainer and taking lessons:

      1. FEAR

      2. RESPECT

      As a former Rugby player, I wanted a sport that would keep me in shape.
      I am 6' 1" and I weigh 230 pounds. I love kiting. I just got back from
      a trip to Hatteras NC. I took both my Cabrinha Bow Kites with me
      (12Meter and 16Meter). Each session that I put the kites into the air
      I had both fear and great respect for the kites.

      I think you can find GREAT deals on Ebay. Saftey? My 3.6 Meter
      trainer will drag me down the beach in about 20-25knots of wind. I
      think I would want to have a harness on a 9Meter just in case I dropped
      the kite and then the kite would go down the beach and hurt an innocent
      bystander. I want to be in control of my equipment at all times. I
      would never think of launching my kites without a harness. I have
      launched unhooked before and then as soon as possible attached the
      chicken loop. Both of my Cabrinha bow kites have almost instant
      DEPOWER. Some of the old kites have almost no depower. Kiting has come
      a LONG way in a short amount of years. I saw a guy get pulled onto
      shore and hit a tree in 1999. Luckily the guy was not hurt that bad.
      That right there showed me that these kites have a LOT of power.

      We are not saying that we do not like you, just get lessons or learn
      from someone experienced. Some of us have been there and done that!
      learn from our mistakes. Kitemare.com is a great start.

      I hope you have an awesome time kiteboarding and please email the group
      if you need any advice.

      I look forward to seeing you on the water,

      Dr. Mathieu W. Sisk

      Without one or the other you are going in the wrong direction.
      , Steve <stevesgroups@...> wrote:
      > Hey Andy
      > We're just trying to help you avoid disaster
      > If you are determined - maybe you better describe your bar setup. Most
      > 5 line bars will fly fine unhooked.
      > Re: the idea of just dropping the bar - 1. make sure you have a safety
      > leash that will fully depower the kite when you let go and practice
      > letting go so it becomes automatic and 2. back in the old days there
      > were many reports of guys who were unhooked and just holding the bars
      > in their hands who did not let go even after multiple impacts. There
      > seems to be some kind of psychological block to it. Probably because
      > the time you know you need to let go you are already flying through
      > air at speed.
      > Hope this helps
      > Steve
      > Carson City, Nevada
      > Andy wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Now, I got this 9 and I've decided to heed advice about harnesses so
      > > as a result I don't want to wear a harness for safety's sake. But
      > > only way I can see how to rig the kite is with the depower lines
      > > connect to a harness.
      > >
      > > So, you can either let me figure it out myself or you can give me a
      > > hint as to whether this kite is dependent on a harness.
      > >
      > >
      > > Don't get me wrong, I believe there are very significant dangers.
      > > I don't believe that that therefore means I have to pay significant
      > > money to a professional who extols on and on about those dangers in
      > > order to boost business. There are cheaper forms of education, and
      > > other ways of increasing safety. What of people we've known in the
      > > past who had no lessons and are here to tell the tale?
      > >
      > > I didn't expect to win this kite. So when it came though I thought,
      > > another kite for training? I thought, if I get a non gusty day and
      > > wind is light, being a 9 that should treat me a little more lightly
      > > let's just get on with it. Let's just get on with it or it'll never
      > > happen.
      > >
      > > Managed to get it up briefly last night with a friend holding the
      > > harness attachment. Didn't seem too bad. And if it did take me, just
      > > drop the bar. I'm no expert but is that really so hard?
      > >
      > > Anyway, you'll all hate me know so nice knowing you.
      > >
      > > - A
      > >
      > >
      > >
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