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70464Re: 16m Bow-kite & Wind Speed Inquiry

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  • jim cancil
    Jun 1, 2007
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      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, Jean-S├ębastien Bouffard <jeanbouffard@...> wrote:
      > Hey Jim
      > Thanks for the reply, my current position is as follows. I'm new to
      > the sport of Kitesurfing. I've only been out once in winter on a
      > snowboard. I weigh about 165lbs which converts to about 75kg.

      .........then, totally forget days when you see whitecaps for a while: that is a big kite for a
      newbie at 75kg. (I'm 90kg and have a Contra 14 as a big kite ..got rid of 18's, 20's ..and
      16-C's are next to go)

      Forget about wind speeds you hear on the radio: look for water that is not 'glossy'...but
      not yet white-tiped ...matte grey is a good starting point. Do not attempt if you can hear
      common sounds from 1/4-1/2mi away - wind is too light.

      But most important: find someone to give you lessons - a real instructor, not a friend who
      may not be much more expirenced than you. In some respects I think a Bow kite is more
      dangerous than a 'scary' 4-line. There is an illusion that a Bow is safer, giving you the
      false confidence to fly it in conditons you would not a 4-line. Good luck..and have fun,
      but stay safe first.

      j i m
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