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70462Re: 16m Bow-kite & Wind Speed Inquiry

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  • jim cancil
    Jun 1, 2007
      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, Jean-S├ębastien Bouffard <jeanbouffard@...> wrote:
      > Hey
      > I'm wondering what is the minimum and maximum kts of wind for a 16m
      > Bow kite. I'm waiting for 10kts of wind speed before going out for the
      > first time.

      .............Answer is a question: How many times have you been out? If more than two
      years and you make good jumps and transitions then the maximum is fairly high ...same
      thing: better kiters can milk a kite like a dry goat - new people cannot. Another part of
      the answer is: How heavy are you? 100kg is a LOT different than 60.

      Could I go with less than 10kts of wind? Would it be
      > recommended for a first-time user to go with a lower wind speed than
      > 10kts?

      .............Again depends on weight and skill. It almost the same with a bicycle: it is very
      difficult to ride slow. You need a nice, casual wind without 100% gusts - 10kts may be OK
      - so you have the time to get the feel. Make sure you are somewhere where you can walk
      back upwind if you are fairly new. We all have done it ..with a big smile on our face. Bon

      j i m

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