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70420Re: Newbie Question on Kite to Buy (Big Air)

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  • jim cancil
    Apr 11, 2007
      I'll pipe in because I'm your size (and a few years ahead) ...and jumping is probably the
      most fun - including jumping waves - thing you can do out there.

      1. You're simply too heavy to jump much beyond bunny hops in those conditions. You'd
      need winds into the low-20's to ramp up. ..maybe if you lost 60lbs.

      It's simple physics compounded by your inexperience and the fact that a kite is more like
      an overpowered airplane flown by a maniac chimp than your normal skiboat tow. The
      advantage you have over others: you know what the board feels like - but that's the easy

      2. Your best kites are 12 thru 16's. Don't get suckered into lumbering 18 - 20's that
      overpower easily, or oddball designs/brands that you need to join a cult to fly. (..former
      18 and 20's user and cult member here)

      There is an argument about whether C-kites or Bows jump better ...but the later versions
      of both, depower well and relaunch well. Stick with one of the top brands. I personally
      have found North over the years to be the most linear in their progress but also fly Naish
      and RRD.

      3. There is NO substitute for lessons. God ..how much time I wasted teaching myself.
      And I'm damn lucky that all I did early was eat a lot of water. I did have a line nearly
      remove a finger (perm.nerve/vascular damage) last year in the surf - but that was my
      fault. Being stoopid: trying to kite in too light air. And, I knew better...

      4. Used gear can be great. Initailly, make sure it is complete and less than a couple of
      seasons old. Make sure you search the fourms for upgrades and tweaks: all brands see to
      get further development in the field. Your wakeboard probably has too much rocker to be
      useful here. I'd take lessons on instructor's gear before you buy.

      ...going somewhere for 4-5days: Hattteras, Cabarete, SPI ...is probably the best way to get
      this fixed in your bone marrow.

      j i m

      > I have been a wakeboarder for 10+ years and would like to try
      > kiteboarding. I am interest is in jumping and have been looking
      > around ebay for a kite to buy so my question is which brand and model
      > would fit this use? The winds I would be looking at are between 8-
      > 15mph on most days and I way around 205lbs. thanks
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