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70415Re: Newbie Question on Kite to Buy (Big Air)

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  • Zriik
    Apr 10 8:31 PM
      Im a beginner also, heres what Im doing; So far Iv bought 2 kites,
      both Peter Lynn Bombas. Both bought new at close -out. 1 is a 10m I
      got last year, I forget the price, but approx $400, the other, I just
      got is a 17m for $175 at closeout. Iv been teaching myself to fly the
      10m using handles which a friend gave me after he switched to a bar
      with his 3m power kite. I like these handles because the kite is not
      attached to me, (theyr a great work out too)so when the wind gusts if
      its too much, it pulls a handle out of my hand instead of pulling me
      into the air as a bar cliped to my waist might. As Iv been getting
      better (Its a long process for me as I dont get out often) I take the
      kite out in stronger winds, and last time I made a small jump. Soon Im
      thinking to put on my roller blades and try riding arround a little.
      Iv not been in the water yet with the kite, but I live in NYC and its
      been cold lately..
      The Peter Lynn kites are twin skin, 4 line kites inflated by the wind
      going into its vents, so no pump, and no leaks! And my 10m is tough,
      whenever Im out I hammer it 'cause I just lose control sometimes. it
      hits the ground hard, but no wear or breakage as yet. Im impressed.
      Also, it fits in a small backpack which is great for the subway and is
      light weight.
      Anyone have an old board theyre done with? Id like a larger one
      good luck

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "kc_philipm" <kc_philipm@...> wrote:
      > I have been a wakeboarder for 10+ years and would like to try
      > kiteboarding. I am interest is in jumping and have been looking
      > around ebay for a kite to buy so my question is which brand and
      > would fit this use? The winds I would be looking at are between 8-
      > 15mph on most days and I way around 205lbs. thanks
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