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70318Re: [ksurf] Search engine for kite sports

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  • Brian Wilson
    Jan 2, 2007
      Hi Hung
      You have made a legendary web site even better!
      We have had your site as a Link on our site at http://www.suntrax.co.za/kitelinks.asp for about 5 years now but for some reason our site does do not come up as a specific URL when trying your new search engine, even though we are listed under your schools section.
      Without looking for something for nothing any assistance would be appreciated.
       Best regards
      Brian Wilson
      Tel/fax 27 (0)21 5560044
      cell; 0824656696
      13 Bayside Centre
      Cape Town
      Mon - Fri 9am-7.00pm
      Sat         9am-5pm
      Sun       9.30am- 2.00pm
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      From: Hung Vu
      Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2007 9:28 PM
      Subject: [ksurf] Search engine for kite sports

      I am in the process of updating http://kitesurfings chool.org during the
      holiday season (probably take me a whole month to complete)

      During the process, I found that there are so much noises on the net
      that make it very difficult to get to the right info.

      So I worked with some Google tools and make a custom search engine
      searching around 60 dominant kite related sites including all major
      manufacturers, information and discussion sites. With such engine, one
      can simply enter simple terms like "Vegas", "Torch", "inflatable" ,
      "Bularoo" and find only the kite related info.

      Check it out at http://kitesurfings chool.org/ search.htm

      Enjoy and let me know of any additional sites you may want to include in
      this engine (to check whether a site has been included, just search for it)


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