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70316Re: [ksurf] [cankitesurf] Re: Global warming meansthe end of kitesnowboarding for most ?

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  • Hung Vu
    Dec 28, 2006
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      Sometimes, you may want a "loose" feel and don't want the board to grip
      water much.


      Lex Lissauer wrote:

      >Thanks Hung! nice and concise info.
      >It seems that there is no disadvantage to concave bottom. Or is there?
      >If not, we will not see any more kiteboards without, will we?
      >On 12/28/06, Hung Vu <hungvu2000@...> wrote:
      >For kite, check http://kitesurfingschool.org/kite.htm
      >For board:
      > More rocker: less upwind, easier carving, easier jumping off chop
      > More flex: Absorb chop, what else?
      > More parabolic outline (convex) : easier upwind, slow down a lot during turn
      > Concave bottom: plan sooner, also grip water better and more upwind
      > More width: more surface, plan sooner, less kitepower needed
      > More length: more water line, easier upwind, harder to spin
      >Others may want to correct or add more....
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