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70155Re: Which kite should I buy?

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  • cazkite
    Aug 1, 2006
      > By the way: I modified the kite: I changed the full depower for a
      > depower strap and the steering lines are now attached with double
      > points, more like the Best Waroo. This makes the steering more direct
      > the bar pressure slightly higher.

      interested in how you changed the bar over on the sonic, just changed
      the bar over to the mod on the gk site with the cleat reversed and the
      addition of the dynema- looks alittle flimsy with all the front line
      pressure through 1 little line, works fine though..

      how long is the cl line from the top of the bar to the trim strap when
      sheeted in
      -does this still go to full depower when you let go the bar?

      what are the double attachments for the steering lines?

      how much adjustment in the trim strap? 20cm more less?


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