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70154[ksurf] Re: Which kite should I buy?

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  • Greg
    Jul 31, 2006
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      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Gary Brownless" <dundee@...> wrote:
      > Hey Greg, if yu been kitesurfing more than 2Y then for sure yu
      learnt on yea
      > ol' CKite!! Yr still alive to tell the story as are many thousands of
      > others!! If you've forgotten yr roots and want a good laugh over a
      beer, hv
      > a look at the Red Bull DVD "UPWIND - the launch of kiteboarding" and
      > remember!!!

      I am in my 7th year of kiting. I learned on open foils, used Naish AR5
      for one season, then rode relaunchable foils for 5 seasons. I am now
      on the Sonic and loving it.

      Upwind is a great video. It's one of the few videos I have seen that
      are both entertaining and informative. It's great to see Flash riding
      like a bit of a kook on a foil with handles and hearing Robbie Naish
      talk about how fantastic it looks.

      The last issue of Stance DVD mag had a road trip movie from 1999 where
      the Euro crew met up with the Hawaiians. It showed Bertrand Fleury on
      an F-One foil and wakeboard doing handle passes and kite loops.
      Nothing changes.
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