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70111Re: [ksurf] Flat kite accident?

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  • Greg
    Jul 17, 2006
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      I had to relase from a Crossbow once. The kite had inverted and was
      being a pain to relaunch so I thought I would leave it down and drift

      In the meantime the kite decided to right itself and relaunch fully
      powered up. The steering lines had tangled in the long dangley trim
      adjusters and I had no way to control the kite so I pinged off.

      I now have about 70 hours of riding a Sonic in every kind of wind
      conditions (including outrageously over powered) and have never had a
      moment's trouble with it. One Sonic 11 and 2 kiteboards (Underground
      2006 FLX 132x39 and plywood 135x49) make a great quiver for allround
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