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70102Re: [ksurf] Flat kite accident?

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  • CCKiteboarder@hotpop.com
    Jul 12, 2006
      I basically agree but was reading on kite forum some talk about what
      happens if the bridle gets tangled or a pulley fails. Apparently the
      kites go into an unstoppable power spin. People say they have no choice
      but to release the kite totally. Sounds to me, if this is true, that it
      needs to be addressed. Runaway kites are not a good thing. What do u
      think? Is this true? Are manufacturers addressing this issue in the

      Carson City, Nevada, USA

      On Wed, 12 Jul 2006 04:27:43 -0700, <hungvu2000@...> wrote:

      > I have been using the Waroo extensively for the whole winter, spring and
      > almost half of the summer now!
      > Everytime I switch back to the classic, foil and other types of old
      > kite, I notice how drastically safer the flat kites are.
      > Looks like with the flat kites, accident will be drastically reduced
      > (especially the lofting or dragging into hard object accidents).
      > I would like to hear some statistics regarding the flat kite accident
      > world wide (especially the lofting or dragging into hard object
      > accidents).
      > P.S., The stopper ball on the chicken loop is great and make the kite
      > behave similar to a classic when you are not holding the bar (for
      > deadman trick or other reasons), but at the same time, it makes the kite
      > only as safe as the classic unless the tension on the stopper ball is
      > set to real low (then you cannot do the deadman trick anyway).
      > Personally, I would set the stopper ball as far as possible on land and
      > may move it in closer when in deep water. The other option is to always
      > set it to as far as your arm can reach or not having the stopper ball at
      > all especially if you want a safer flat kite.
      > P.P.S., The other benefit of the flat kite is the ease of board
      > retrieval, you can literally swim back to your board and don't really
      > have to body drag upwind. Board leash and board leash accident is
      > definitely a thing of the past as you have more choices and can
      > always get back to your board regardless the state of the wind (body
      > drag upwind was difficult in way overpowered and way underpowered
      > situations).
      > Hung.
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