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69891Re: Bow kite or classic lei kite?

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  • Kitepower Sydney
    Mar 22, 2006
      Our experience here proves the opposite, the majority of kiters prefer bow
      style kites and once they have tried one, they buy one and then buy more.
      Because of the huge advantage of being able to push the bar away and depower
      95%, they can control both power and speed which gives a huge boost to
      confidence and lets them focus on learning more. There is nothing better for
      the average rider in both waves and flat water.
      We also sell North, Flexifoil, Naish, Slingshot, Globerider, Peter Lynn,
      Liquid Force, Airush and Cabrinha.
      We let people choose, we never push them towards any particular kite, we
      have a huge demo kite and board range, people buy what they like, bows
      outsell C's 20 to 1, there has to be a reason eh??

      Cya and


      Steve McCormack

      From: hoekiez
      Subject: Re: Bow kite or classic lei kite?

      The Hybrids like Vegas06, Tribal (and JN wild Thing and more or less Matrix
      and Impact) are worth their money.
      Wait for next generation bows untill things have sorted out. A.o.
      there will be no more pulleys.(prone to wear/failure) Finally the way to go
      will be a mix of C-kite and Bow.
      IMO The Hybrids are at the moment THE type of kites to go for.

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "kiteghost" <kiteghost@...> wrote:
      > Hi all I'm looking to buy a new kite. I'm looking at the new bow
      > kites but are they really worth the extra money? I can get a new
      > naish V4 16m half the price of one of the new bow kites. I want to
      > my kites for flat water as well as wave riding.
      > I have the following:
      > 2003 naish Aero2 12m
      > 2003 155mm naish twin tip
      > 2005 140mm Cyclone twin tip
      > Thanks
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