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69713Kite surf & Travel Insurance

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  • jamie fisher
    Nov 1, 2005
      Just a quicky on travel insurance...

      My partner and I are travelling from the UK down under for a 2 week vacation. She may do some scuba diving while I'll be doing some kite surfing.

      Obviously the stuff we are taking is pricey. Complete quiver aint cheap.

      Would like to know whether you have come across any policy that can cover (new for old, or the replacement value) in the event equipment is lost or stolen. Keep coming across policies that can cover £500 worth but at that price it's only covering the cost of one 17mtr Slingy...

      Had a sh!te policy a while back when I went to Egypt. Lost a watch, insurance covered a tenth of the original cost... So, don't want to get caught out again.

      So, If you guys have any info on this please send my way.


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