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69528Re: [ksurf] Re: w/2005punchout bar:how to flip kite when LE down?

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  • dan ddaaan
    Jul 31, 2005
      thanks again Chris !! really appreciated the responses
      since i don't know any kitesurfers.

      on my old kitebar (with arm leash to bar), i did as u
      stated and it always worked. with this new bar, same
      method (as u stated) but i hope the kite doesn't fly
      away before i grab that bar again, since the leash is
      a spinning leash attached to the chicken loop (no
      leash for a few seconds).

      the pdf manual :

      --- Chris Glazier <cglazier@...> wrote:

      > Hi Daniel
      > I don't know about the punchout bar specifically.
      > But generally it is
      > much easier to ge the kite to flip on its back if
      > you unhook as you
      > swim hard toward the kite. Be sure to let the lines
      > go slack or the
      > kite will not roll on its back.
      > When it rolls onto its back, immediately hook into
      > your chicken loop.
      > Then as you pull on one back line to get the kite to
      > drift over to one
      > side, you will be ready for it to relaunch.
      > If it relaunches while you are not hooked in, you
      > will have one or two
      > chances to bring the bar in close and hook in
      > ..before your strength
      > gives out. If you are still not hooked in and have
      > not much strength
      > left, quickly grab the chicken loop with one hand
      > and then the other
      > (letting go of the bar). You can then usually pull
      > the chicken loop
      > down to your hook using both hands. Then of course
      > reach up and grab
      > the bar again.
      > :-)
      > Chris Glazier
      > --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "dan9871"
      > <dan9871@y...> wrote:
      > > I have your punchout 2005 bar on my 4line kite.
      > when
      > > the kite crashes LE down, when i swim towards the
      > > kite,the lines remain taut (tight) since i'm still
      > > hooked in (spinning leash is on too). i think the
      > > lines need slack in them for the kite to roll over
      > > downwind but it's now possible. am i suppose to
      > unhook
      > > (thus spinning leash is not on) and swim with the
      > bar
      > > in my hand towards the kite (thus lines will get
      > some
      > > slack) ? if so, i run the risk that the kite will
      > > launch and my arm strength must be able NOT to let
      > go
      > > of the bar or i will lose the kite.
      > >
      > > Thanks
      > > Daniel.
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