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69310Re: Convince me NOT to use a board leash??

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  • pbkiteboarding_com
    Apr 1, 2005
      Haven't been hit either... But the Dakine wrapped around my legs and stuff...the safety
      rope that is meant to break under load did break once in a gust... the board was at a
      certain hangle and stuck to the water when I got pulled... I've been using the reel leash...
      10' with a shock cord. It has worked well... I have a plastic clip (no metal connection,
      Larks Head at board) that will release under load... that I can reattach...afterwords... The
      leash has really helped in cold water self recue when needed and place where I would
      never get my board back for hours.... not worrying about the board... But it is an extra
      attachement that could cause trouble... i like it...

      Seems that surfer still use a leash...from looking at surfing mags... Probably more
      important to me to use a helmet than not a leash...

      And we still have to have to be attached to the kite with lines... of course, but lines rarely
      rap around us...

      Sorry I didn't convince you not to...

      Have Fun


      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "ichiman1" <ichiman1@y...> wrote:
      > In 4 years kitesurfing I NEVER had a problem with the board coming
      > close to my body and risking injury except when in the waves, in which
      > case I know to body drag AWAY from the board even before I hit the
      > water. So I wonder am I just lucky or is this board leash danger thing
      > a bit of an urban legend? Please enlighten me...
      > Using a directional with 2m Dakine leash shackled to my harness.
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