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69180Rigging help needed! Kite and line rigging input!

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  • fueltanksrule
    Feb 28, 2005
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      Looking for help and input to find a starting point for static
      rigging of bar, chicken loop and lines. I am just looking for a
      common or neutral starting point. I know many variables may affect
      this, rider size, weight, riding style, arm lenght,,,,who knows ,,,
      etc. .

      After verifying that all of my line lenghts are identical, with all
      lines connected to a parking meter I hook in. With the forward lines
      completely sheeted out or powered up. What position should my bar be
      within its length of travel along the chickin loop line? All the way
      aft? Mid point? All the way forward???

      My chickin loop or center line is currently 7 inches in total length
      and my bar is currently 2 inches from the aft stop or powered up
      position with 5 inches of line forward to push the bar and depower.

      (My current bar is a 58cm Naish with 27m lines and I have about 7"
      of chicken loop for bar travel.)

      I have read a number of magazine articles that have talked about
      line length,flareing, kite tuning etc. but they all seem to blast
      throught it trying to cram it all on to one page leaving me with
      many unanswered questions.

      3 months new to kiting , your help is greatly appreciated