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  • Anne Gasc
    Jan 24, 2005
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      When you learn you need the easiest, safest kite you can find...
      You should check on ikite.com, free classifieds and find an affordable old kite (you're going to ruin it within a few months anyway) and you'll see that they are ALL inflatable ones.
      Foils could be fun but really why don't you take the experience from others instead of learning teh hard way?...
      Naish kite are the ones I use and after trying cheaper ones (Best, EH, RRD etc...) I come back to a point: Naish & North are the best!
      Have fun

      suntrax <brian@...> wrote:

      Hey Mark

      I did say I was biased!! but was also empathising with the vintage.....

      Not wanting to go into too much detail at the time, my point about Flexifoil
      is that they are a company who have been making ram air kites for a long
      time and after trying unsuccessfully to market ram air kites for
      kitesurfing they went back to the drawing board and developed an inflatable
      kite range for that purpose - surely a company with so much experience with
      ram airs would have stayed with that style if they believed it to be the
      right thing.

      We also have a (new model) demo Flysurfer Ectsacy in the store, but apart
      from Steve my main team rider (who is also a paraglider) I can't get people
      to try it. Having flown it myself I find it too unpredictable to inspire
      confidence - but maybe I am too old........... the bar, depower and leash
      system is top drawer.

      If Graeme lived in Cape Town we would already have him riding a Boxer :-)

      Best regards



      Brian Wilson
      Tel/fax 27 (0)21 5560044
      cell; 0824656696
      13 Bayside Centre
      Cape Town
      Mon - Fri 9am-7pm
      Sat 9am-5pm
      Sun 9.30am- 2.00pm

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      From: "Mark Pronk"
      Sent: Monday, January 24, 2005 5:37 PM
      Subject: RE: [ksurf] Twinskins

      > Brian, Greame,
      > My idea's on inflateables / ram-airs are a bit different. There ARE more
      > then a few schools that teach using Ram-Airs. I'd say the odds are a bit
      > like the odds of people buying Ram-Air kites. Most people choose the
      > obvious choice. Buy Nike trainers, since everybody has them. If you get
      > my point. Modern Ram-Airs offer high stability, high relaunch
      > probability (havent drowned my kites for a single time without being
      > able to relaunch), safety systems that are really above standard, etc.
      > It's not surprising Flexifoil doesn't recommend any of their ram-airs
      > for kitesurfing, simply because all of the Flexifoil ram-air kites are
      > open celled (and i think you as a kite-vendor should know that Brian).
      > But if you'd check out the Flysurfer.de or Peter Lynn Kiteboarding
      > brochure for instance you'd see that they recommend ALL but a few models
      > for water use! Flysurfer.de and Peter Lynn Kiteboarding produce closed
      > cell kites for water use.
      > Open celled kites aren't for water use! Period!
      > Nevertheless there's plenty of Ram-Air kites around that are just as
      > stable as inflateables. Not in all conditions (say 35+ knots, since
      > tubes offer rigidity trough the inflated leading edge tube) but most
      > certainly in more then 95% of the conditions you'd come across...
      > Personally i'd highly recommend you'd try ANY kite you'd find
      > interesting (which includes a Naish Boxer too, Brian would be glad to
      > demo you one, since he's Naish dealer!) before you make the purchase.
      > Of course this is just my 2 cents.
      > _________________
      > Have fun!
      > Mark
      > Happy kiting, whatever you fly!
      > foilzone.com foils.nl
      > Foilzone.com
      > The Hague
      > The Netherlands

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