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  • suntrax
    Jan 24, 2005
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      Hey Mark

      I did say I was biased!! but was also empathising with the vintage.....

      Not wanting to go into too much detail at the time, my point about Flexifoil
      is that they are a company who have been making ram air kites for a long
      time and after trying unsuccessfully to market ram air kites for
      kitesurfing they went back to the drawing board and developed an inflatable
      kite range for that purpose - surely a company with so much experience with
      ram airs would have stayed with that style if they believed it to be the
      right thing.

      We also have a (new model) demo Flysurfer Ectsacy in the store, but apart
      from Steve my main team rider (who is also a paraglider) I can't get people
      to try it. Having flown it myself I find it too unpredictable to inspire
      confidence - but maybe I am too old........... the bar, depower and leash
      system is top drawer.

      If Graeme lived in Cape Town we would already have him riding a Boxer :-)

      Best regards




      Brian Wilson
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      cell; 0824656696
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      From: "Mark Pronk" <mpronk@...>
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      Sent: Monday, January 24, 2005 5:37 PM
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      > Brian, Greame,
      > My idea's on inflateables / ram-airs are a bit different. There ARE more
      > then a few schools that teach using Ram-Airs. I'd say the odds are a bit
      > like the odds of people buying Ram-Air kites. Most people choose the
      > obvious choice. Buy Nike trainers, since everybody has them. If you get
      > my point. Modern Ram-Airs offer high stability, high relaunch
      > probability (havent drowned my kites for a single time without being
      > able to relaunch), safety systems that are really above standard, etc.
      > It's not surprising Flexifoil doesn't recommend any of their ram-airs
      > for kitesurfing, simply because all of the Flexifoil ram-air kites are
      > open celled (and i think you as a kite-vendor should know that Brian).
      > But if you'd check out the Flysurfer.de or Peter Lynn Kiteboarding
      > brochure for instance you'd see that they recommend ALL but a few models
      > for water use! Flysurfer.de and Peter Lynn Kiteboarding produce closed
      > cell kites for water use.
      > Open celled kites aren't for water use! Period!
      > Nevertheless there's plenty of Ram-Air kites around that are just as
      > stable as inflateables. Not in all conditions (say 35+ knots, since
      > tubes offer rigidity trough the inflated leading edge tube) but most
      > certainly in more then 95% of the conditions you'd come across...
      > Personally i'd highly recommend you'd try ANY kite you'd find
      > interesting (which includes a Naish Boxer too, Brian would be glad to
      > demo you one, since he's Naish dealer!) before you make the purchase.
      > Of course this is just my 2 cents.
      > _________________
      > Have fun!
      > Mark
      > Happy kiting, whatever you fly!
      > foilzone.com foils.nl
      > Foilzone.com
      > The Hague
      > The Netherlands
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