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  • suntrax
    Jan 24, 2005
      Hi Graeme

      From a biased 58 year old who learned to kitesurf 5 years ago.
      Ram air kites have improved a lot but are not in the league of inflateables
      for learning, especially for us more mature citizens. Today's inflateables
      are very stable, have a big wind range, plus they water relaunch every time
      PROVIDED there is sufficient wind -.ram air kites are more skittish,
      definitely not as stable and their water relaunchability is always suspect.
      I do not know of one kite school that uses ram airs, presumably due to the
      above characteristics.

      Fact is that due to sales of around 100 inflatable - 1 ram air, there is
      obviously much more money spent on inflatable R & D, with obvious results.

      Reading through the Flexifoil brochure, they do not recommend any of their
      ram air kites, including the Blade, for kitesurfing, they only recommend
      their inflateables.

      Am sure that in the future ram air design will amalgamate with inflatable to
      give us more efficient kites, but in the meantime inflateables are ahead of
      the game..

      Would highly recommend the freeride Naish Boxer as a first time/intermediate

      Best regards




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      Subject: [ksurf] Twinskins

      > Hi all
      > I'm looking to buy my first kite, for kitesurfing. I'm 52 years old and
      like the look of twinskin/ram air kites, for example Peter Lynn Bomba. 90%
      of the kites flown in my area are inflatables. Why is this? What's wrong
      with twinskins? Am I missing something vital in the reading/research I've
      been doing before I buy my first kite?
      > I seem to read that twinskins are more robust, easy to fly for beginners.
      If this is the case, why aren't there more of them?
      > Looking forward to your helpful advice....
      > Cheers
      > Graeme
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