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69024Re: [ksurf] Twinskins

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  • Iain Wood
    Jan 24, 2005
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      On 24 Jan 2005, at 11:47, Marina Kitto wrote:

      > Hi all
      > I'm looking to buy my first kite, for kitesurfing. I'm 52 years old
      > and like the look of twinskin/ram air kites, for example Peter Lynn
      > Bomba. 90% of the kites flown in my area are inflatables. Why is
      > this? What's wrong with twinskins? Am I missing something vital in
      > the reading/research I've been doing before I buy my first kite?

      Each has advantages, and different people have their own favourites.
      There is nothing wrong with foil kites or arc kites and if that is what
      you want to use, go for it. Bear in mind that they are different and it
      will be easier to learn to use an LEI if only because most schools use
      A friend (who is a way better kitsurfer than me) swears by peter lynn
      arc kites. I like flysurfers. Another friend uses LEI's.

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