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68962Decay kiteboards 2005 - website updates

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  • Dave Kay
    Jan 1, 2005
      Hi Friends of Decay Kiteboards!

      The new range of 2005 Decay Kiteboards shapes have now been released on our

      New for 2005 is an updated Katana TT, now with concave and optional plastic
      side wall construction. This narrow tipped TT is super smooth in choppy
      conditions, carves and rides waves like a directional plus is forgiving for
      freestyle. It really is the ultimate free-ride style board.

      The Cutlass wave mutant has been out for a few months now and has been seen
      ripping up waves as far a field as the USA. We have produced a second
      shorter mould for this design and can now offer sizes from sub 130cm to
      close to 150cm depending on the riders needs. Produced standard as a three
      tail fin design we can also build it as a twin or quad if required.

      A very exciting new design for us is the surf/skim hybrid Scimitar. Designed
      as a cross between a skim board and a 'fish' surf board the Scimitar excels
      in light onshore surf conditions. It can be ridden with or without straps
      and/or fins depending on the conditions.

      The Dagger and Broadsword shapes have carried over from our previous range,
      updated with new tweaks in the construction and layup.

      On the construction side - as of today we have a choice of 17 different deck
      graphics/colours, combined with a choice of 4 different pre-cured base
      colours there is no issue for us to produce a board with a 100% unique look.
      There will be more graphics added to the range over the coming months and if
      there is something in particular you want please ask - we have a number of
      options available for custom graphics.

      For all the detail check out the site:-


      Best regards,

      Dave Kay