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68850Subject: Prolimit harness releasing unintenionally?

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  • Dix Franklin
    Dec 6, 2004
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      Almost 3 years use from mine.

      It only released 2 times and I'm pretty sure of why.

      The harness strap buckle adjustment must be loose BEFORE you lock the
      release, so that it has a very slight play to ensure a full lock.
      This is a common thing, where the harness is tight, fully adjusted, then
      after the session you just pop the release without loosening the harness
      strap buckle. The problem starts on your next session when putting on the
      already adjusted tight harness and just connecting the release. It will
      lock, but not fully and then will release under load.

      Since I've been only locking the release with a loosely adjusted harness,
      I've never had the lock pop since.
      - Dix

      >Message: 8
      > Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 16:53:37 +1100
      > From: "loco" <loco4olas@...>
      >Subject: Prolimit harness releasing unintenionally?

      >Any one else had the repeated problem of their Pro Limit harness releasing

      >Mine is the usual sprung (at least quasi sprung with neoprene 'tensioner')
      pin going into a whole in the inserted metal tongue.

      >It has started to repeatedly release-not nice in 20+ with a fully loaded
      14M 1 km out to see on an upwind tack to the waves.

      >I tried using an elastic tensioner over the top of the release (the
      neoprene 'tensioner') to keep the pin in place-thought I had it covered but
      >it's started again.

      >Any input appreciated.

      >Loco 4 you.

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