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68724Re: [ksurf] Sport in Hebrides

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  • David Hepworth
    Oct 31 11:59 PM
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      I am a buggy instructor, and kite land boarder. I actually use Arc kites not
      LEI's (or did you just get it mixed up).
      The water tempetrature here is an average 12 C. I use a 3/2 in summer
      without any problem. I am using a Neil Pryde 5/3 now winter has come. The
      water isn't too bad it is the wind chill that is the major factor.
      I will get some Kite surfing pictures on the site soon.
      Kiting is new to the Hebrides. I moved here in May to set up a kite shop and
      kite holiday business. So far its been great. Keep watching the sites for

      Western Isles Kite Company



      Isle of Lewis
      HS2 9JA

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      > In a message dated 10/31/2004 10:16:01 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      > david.kites@... writes:
      > I was going to go for a 152 which is still big by most standards. I will
      > keep the 180 for a very light wind board (or a wind break).
      > Do most people on this forum use LEI's or are there a few using Arcs?
      > Dave
      > Western Isles Kite Company
      > www.powerkitesales.co.uk
      > _www.extremehebrides.co.uk_ (http://www.extremehebrides.co.uk)
      > Dave-
      > You are on the right track for developing your kiteboarding skills. And I
      > agree with the
      > info given to you so far. Their is a forum for LEI's. Someone will be able
      > to tell you where.
      > I see you are probably a buggy user from your website of the Western
      > Isle's,
      > which explains your LEI use.
      > I am surprised to read of kiting at the Hebrides, and the water is
      > bearable
      > for so far North, I am aware of the Gulf Stream effects. It sounds like
      > you
      > have water/air temps similar to
      > Northern California or North West Coast US.
      > What type of wetsuit do you use in Summer/Winter? Pictures look good at
      > your
      > website. Let us know when you post some more kiteboarding pics too!
      > Scott
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