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68256Re: [ksurf] Re: Kitesurfing around Vancouver

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  • Mike Pavlin
    Jun 2 11:55 AM
      Thanks Chris, I'll definitely be trying to make it up there when I get
      a little better. Do you know any descent spots for learning- or should
      I just go for a little camping trip down to the Gorge?


      --- Chris Glazier <cglazier@...> wrote: > We have reliable wind
      all summer long at Squamish which is about an
      > hour north of Vancouver. Excellent flat water, 12m kites usually.
      > You must be able to stay upwind to kite there. Here is an old post
      > of mine on Squamish:
      > *************************************************************
      > I usually kite where the launch area is a narrow rock jetty and self
      > launching is not a viable option. The way we launch is the kiter
      > gets in the water on the downwind side of the jetty and someone
      > holds the kite at the top of the jetty (about 5 meters up) for the
      > launch. Luckily there are always a few kiters around to
      > help ...maybe 5 on a quiet day and maybe 25 on the weekends. (And
      > there are a few windsurfers around to help launch the last guy on a
      > quiet day.)
      > So you always need help to launch. This has developed a very
      > teamwork oriented culture for us. Everyone helps everyone else. The
      > quicker we get someone launched, the quicker it will be our turn.
      > There is only one launch/landing area so we try to keep it clear
      > like on an aircraft carrier.
      > Landing is just the reverse. You kite toward the jetty, tap your
      > head to indicate you want to land, and someone on top of the jetty
      > will catch your kite. Sometimes there is a line up with several
      > kiters circling waiting for their turn for landing. But it always
      > works. Every kiter on the jetty is always ready to catch a kite. And
      > if the catch doesn't work, you just bring your kite up and circle
      > around for another try.
      > It may sound like a difficult site, but our reward here is steady
      > reliable wind and flat water for about 5 months of the year. Average
      > kite size is usually 12 meters.
      > Here are some rules that have evolved for us.
      > First, we inflate our kites and put on our wetsuits away from the
      > launch area.
      > Then we lay out our lines at the launch area on top of the jetty.
      > (The launch area is wide enough for several sets of lines.) Then,
      > when it is our turn, we quickly move our kite to the top of the
      > launch area, connect the lines, and get launched. Usually the next
      > kiter has already laid out his lines and is getting ready
      > immediately afterward. If you are slow or disorganized, someone else
      > will quickly get in front of you for a launch ...this is perfectly
      > acceptable.
      > On landing, after someone catches your kite, your lines will be
      > immediately disconnected from your kite by the people who catch your
      > kite at the top of the jetty. And then they put your kite down well
      > away from the launch area, (usually stacked behind other kites).
      > This leaves the you in the water free to roll up your lines and get
      > out of the way. When I land, I can roll up my lines when I am still
      > in the water, and by the time I crawl up to the top of the jetty, my
      > kite will have been stored somewhere.
      > The key thing is that no kite ever sits in the launch area with
      > lines connected for very long. No one has to enforce rules.
      > Newcomers generally just ask how we do things, and then join us. I
      > can't ever remember a kiter being unwilling to help in a launch or
      > landing. Its teamwork at its best. It's a great sport.
      > Chris Glazier
      > Squamish BC, Canada
      > *************************************************************
      > --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, Mike Pavlin <jmpavlin@y...> wrote:
      > > Hi, I'm a beginner kitesurfer and I'm moving from my current home
      > in
      > > Toronto to Vancouver BC for the summer. I'm wondering if their's
      > anyone
      > > out there to ride with or that can give me some info on spots and
      > > what's going on in west coast Canada.
      > >
      > > Mike
      > >
      > >
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