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68143Re: [ksurf] Re: 5th line attached to leading edge?

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  • kennywek@aol.com
    Apr 15, 2004
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      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comments about water re-launches without a 5th line.
      I'm new to the sport and I would very much like to avoid using a 5th line, if
      possible. However, I expect to be doing a lot of water re-launches as soon as
      the water warms up and I don't want to be struggling unnecessarily in deep
      water with launches, if I can avoid it. Can you please describe the easiest way
      to get a kite on its back, without a 5th line, so the kite can be positioned
      for a water re-launch when it is face down in the water, down wind from the
      rider, with the inside of the kite toward the rider.

      Thank you,

      Bill Kenny

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